Get Involved

We are currently working in putting together a “starter package” for those who want to start a local Youth M.O.V.E chapter in their school/church/community! register below to get it as soon as we are done with it around the end of May/June!!! 


Register above for free to start a local Youth M.O.V.E chapter! If you are looking to start a chapter in your school please complete this form with an advisor!  All after school based programs will NEED an advisor per school rules.

Start a chapter and get a free Youth M.O.V.E T-Shirt for the group leader and advisor!

Want to help get involved in your communities and schools to help advocate for mental health, fight stigma and provide support? Youth M.O.V.E MN is based in the Twin Cities so it’s hard for us to reach greater Minnesota so we need your help! With our support you can start a chapter in your school or local community. Here are some ideas if you are not sure where to start:

  • Start an after school support group for students
    • What you need: A teacher to supervise, connect with the school administration, advertise your group with posters and social media
    • Advocate for students in your school that may need accommodations for their disorder
    • Stand up to bullies
  • Start and educational and advocacy group in your school or community
    • Create educational material about mental health (posters, flyers, videos, etc…) and with administrative support, put it around your school
    • Ask a local library or community center if you can put flyers and posters around their space
    • Ask local businesses (coffee shops, book stores, etc…) if you can put flyers about mental health disorders in their stores


Are you local to the Twin Cities?

Come join Youth M.O.V.E at our monthly meetings to learn how to be involved at a statewide level or how to start support and advocacy groups in the Twin Cities! We meet the second Saturday of every month at the MACMH office building in Saint Paul. The address is 165 Western Ave North Suite 2, Saint Paul MN 55109. We are located on Cathedral Hill.

Current Available Grant Applications!

Need funding to start a project? Here are some links to current grants that you can apply for to either start a project for provide more funding for a current one!